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The GPCert Program in Dentistry and Oral Surgery is directed to veterinarians interested in the medical pathology and surgery of the oral cavity, with a special focus on Dentistry.

During the course, we will review the most basic aspects in the specialty such as anatomy and nomenclature including, in the evolution of the course, all the specialties that are included in Dentistry and Oral Surgery (Periodontology, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, etc.), up to procedures such as orthodontics.

During the course, the theoretical aspects will be covered, abd the students will have the opportunity to participate in several workshops so that the assistant can diagnose and treat practically all the cases of Small Animal Dentistry presented in the daily clinic.

It will be taught by international lecturers American or European Diplomates in Dentistry or by specialties related to them (Oncology and Anesthesia).

It is structured in 15 modules. During the practical sessions, the assistants will be able to evaluate, as well as to receive advice from the teachers of the materials and equipment necessary for an adequate practical realization ""in situ"" of the techniques developed.

Learning objectives

The Program will assist delegates in consolidating their knowledge and becoming specialized in Dentistry and Oral Surgery and help them develop a structured clinical approach to most of the clinical cases presented in Small Animal Practice.

This program includes

Comprehensive course notes are provided for each module.

All Theoretical and Practical sessions are included in the price of the course.

In the surgery sessions, delegates will be working in cadavers of dogs to practice the surgical techiniques in groups of 2 delegates.

Refreshments are available throughout the day and lunch is included on all modules.

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15 Day(s) Courses

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170,000 ¥ *

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