General Practitioner Certificates

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Our postgraduate programs are highly organized, modular courses that combine theoretical and practical classes in order to provide you the best learning experience. The duration of the annual courses is between one and two years. They provide a higher educational level that allows you to update your knowledge, or gain an increased specialization in specific areas of veterinary medicine.

Why modular programs?

Modular structures are one of the most distinctive characteristics of Improve International courses. A modular program means that the course content is divided into sequential parts with a designated time period. Each stage is focused on a specific subject within the program. Within Improve International courses, each module has one part study materials, as well as pre- and post-module questions. The modular structure also gives you the ability to obtain a General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert).

Why gain a GPCert?

A General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert) is a middle-tier qualification granted by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS). This certificate is achievable through annual modular training programs, in which candidates participate in structured sessions taught by experienced professionals. Certificates are designed to meet the needs of busy veterinary professionals wanting to earn a post-graduate qualification without sacrificing excessive time from their work routine. This certificate is recognized in several countries. By obtaining a GPCert, candidates will have an official qualification that they have demonstrated specific skills and the confidence to use those skills in their practice.

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