Veterinary Technician Certificate

The possibility to purchase a VTCert

To obtain a Veterinary Technician Certificate, candidates must attend at least 80% of the modules in a series of courses for veterinary technicians and successfully pass the VTCert exam at the ISVPS.
This exam consists of two components, each of which must be evaluated positively. This is a written MCQ exam, as well as the writing of a case report from the selected subject area, which must be submitted on time and in accordance with the prescribed guidelines.

We recommend students to allow enough time for self-study of the material according to the syllabus, in addition to being present in the course modules. Learning objectives are clearly formulated by the speakers and supporting literature can be requested.

Admission to the exam requires completing the entire program in 12 to 24 months.

The quality of the Veterinary Technician Certificate is consistent across the globe and has been set a standard that is recognized internationally.